20 January, 2016


Coral Line by: John & Kasra

Coral Type: Branching

Coral species: Acropora sp.

Message: Eden For Your World

Whilst the survival of this line has been relatively poor, it is important data for us to be able to see which coral species are suitable for this sort of reef restoration project. It is likely that the very warm water temperature at the time of planting this line induced additional stress to the corals and the species was not resilient enough to recover. Many of the corals underwent similar levels of mortality during the high temperatures of April/May El Nino in 2016. 

At one year, we can see the remaining living fragments have grown really well! The small fragments we planted have doubled in diameter and have created lovely spherical corals. They will be transplanted to the reef  in the next few months!

Taking Care of the Reef: