25 July, 2015


Coral Line by: Perry Patel

Coral Type: Bushy

Coral species: Acropora sp.

This line will be transplanted in the first half of 2017. It has grown so well, and survived through the bleaching of 2016 (seen in photo at 9 months)!!

12 July, 2015


Coral Line by: Khadheeja Ahmed Didi

Coral Type: Bushy

Coral species: Acropora humilis

Message: In the loving memory of an amazing mother, sister & daughter- Gillian Pringle & in the loving memory of an amazing father, husband and grandfather- Keith Wood. Always in our hearts...

Notes: You will notice there has been a substantial decline in % Fragments Alive at the 1 year monitoring. This mortality was unfortunately as a result of the El nino induced coral bleaching that occurred during Feb/March/April of this year. A lot of fragments in the coral nursery were killed but there were also a lot which survived, both give us important information about coral resilience for for our research into coral rehabilitation. 
You can see at 1.5 years, the remaining corals are growing well! We will transplant this line to the reef in the first half of 2017. 

06 July, 2015


Coral Line by: Edmund & Jane Wun

Coral Type: Bushy

Coral species: Acropora secale

Message: "We love you like a fat kid loves cake!"

01 July, 2015


Coral Line by: Tangoreo

Coral Type: Digitate

Coral species: Acropora sp.

Message: "For New Beginnings 2015"

Notes: Due to this year's El nino event many of our coral lines have been affected by coral bleaching. This line severely bleached which you can see evidently in the 9 month photograph where it appears very pale in colour, this shows the coral in a very 'stressed' state. Unfortunately for this line, the effects of the warm water were severe and resulted in almost every fragment dying which is why survival shows 5%. Whilst this is not good news, this data is still really important for our research. 

Taking Care of the Reef: