01 June, 2015


Coral Line by: Jasper Clements

Coral Type: Digitate

Coral species: Acropora tenuis

Note: The fragments on this line came from the same colony as 068, and so are genetically identical. The 64% survival shown here is very different from the 90% survival shown on line 068 at 3 months. We will be watching these two lines closely to try to determine why the survival rates are so different. From the photographs we can see that the live fragments are growing very well though, and the mortality only occurred at the far end of the line- probably a disease or predation of some kind. 

As of 2017, this line is still growing well. It was one of the few that survived the bleaching event of 2016, making it a really important line for transplantation. The lines will be moved to the reef in march 2017. The cause of the delay is due to an outbreak of coral eating starfish on our reef. Once we have eradicated this pest, we will begin to transplant the corals. 

Taking Care of the Reef: