29 December, 2015


Coral Line by: Theo & Gina

Coral Type: Submassive

Coral species: Porites cylindrica

Message: Conserve & Preserve

Note: I'm really pleased with how this line is growing. As the second Porites line we have made, this provides important replication for us, and so far it is conforming with our data from the other Porites line-exhibiting high survival and low growth rates. It is slowly accreting over the rope at 3 months, and despite the El nino event in May, it has continued growing at a steady rate. It is one of the healthiest lines in the nursery. At one year, it is time to transplant to the reef- we hope the survival rate will be the same once it's moved! 

28 December, 2015


Coral Line by: Songsri Pasawongse

Coral Type: Branching

Coral species: Acropora aspera

Message: Kiss the Coral <3 

Note: The average fragment size measurements for 6 months are approximately 20mm less than the 3 month monitoring. This is an unexpected occurrence and the exact cause is unknown. A comparison of photographs from 3 months and 6 months seems to show the fragments missing their tips in the most recent photograph. There is a chance some of the tips have been taken by coral eating fish such as parrotfish or triggerfish. You will notice that the fragments continued to grow at 9 months with very little mortality. At one year, the corals are not quite as big as we had hoped, so they will remain in the nursery for a few months before transplantation.


Coral Line by: Yosvaris Pasawongse

Coral Type: Branching

Coral species: Acropora sp.

Message: Preserve this beauty

Note: We see a dramatic die off at the 6 month monitoring period for this line. This mortality was caused by the 2o16 El Nino that hit us in April/ May of 2016. The El Nino caused a rise in water temperature which killed a huge amount of coral. This line lost  80% of living fragments as a result of the El Nino. For more information, visit http://lines.lankanfushi.com/p/coral-lines.html or email our project manager at deborah.burn@gili-lankanfushi.com. The remaining corals are growing well, and we hope these bleach resistant colonies will make our reef more resilient in the future! 


Coral Line by: Chayatach Pasawongse

Coral Type: Branching

Coral species: Acropora sp.

Message: Save the Coral!

Note: We can see the effects of coral bleaching on this line, as the corals appear more pale in the 3 month photograph than when they were first planted. This years' El Nino is causing a rise in sea surface temperature which in turn causes the corals to eject their colourful symbiotic algae. Losing the algal cells means a loss of colour, as well as a loss of an important source of energy. You can see from the 6 month photograph that the colour has returned to the corals, showing that these fragments have recovered. Unfortunately the warming did cause a lot of fragments on this line to die though, hence the big drop in % of fragments alive on the graph. The remaining fragments are growing well, and we hope these bleach resistant colonies will make our reef more resilient in the future! 

19 December, 2015


Coral Line by: Maricel & Aaron

Coral Type:Digitate

Coral species: Acropora humilis

We lost 40% of living fragments for this line at the 6 month point due to the El Nino event that hit in April/ May of 2016. This caused an increase in temperature which wiped out a huge amount of wild coral. This is one of the lucky lines that still has good survival following this event. To learn more about the El Nino and it's effects, visit our coral bleaching page on  http://lines.lankanfushi.com/p/coral-lines.html . The line will be transplanted to the one palm island soon! 

Taking Care of the Reef: