03 April, 2014


Coral Line by: Nikolay Stoyanov and family

Coral Type: Tabular
Coral species: Acropora hyacinthus

Note: This was one of our best growing lines until April 2016, when the warming effect of El Nino caused a mass coral bleaching event. This event killed 80% of Acroporid corals in the Maldives, particularly this species of Acropora hyacinthus. Our house reef was dominated by this table forming species until the bleaching, which killed 100% of Acropora hyacinthus at all our local snorkeling sites. To have any survive is nothing short of a miracle! We are really pleased to have a few remaining colonies on your line that we can use to transplant and help kick start recovery on our damaged reef! Thank you for donating! To the right, I have posted some images, showing that many of your colonies were partially killed, with the shaded underpart surviving the bleaching- this suggests that much of the mortality during this time was caused by harmful UV rays, which didn't penetrate the underside- a pro of keeping the older lines suspended in the nursery during the bleaching. 


Coral Line by: Nikolay Stoyanov and family

Coral Type: Branching
Coral species: Acropora aspera

Note: This is a fast growing species, compromising skeletal strength and immune system for speed. The branches are extremely easy to break, and the species is very susceptible to coral diseases such as White Syndrome, however, it will grow back quickly from any disruption. From month 9, we discovered the branches had grown so much, we couldn't measure skeletal extension using our 200mm calipers. For the purpose of the graphics, I inputted 200mm for each fragment until we get some larger calipers, however in reality, the growth rate is higher than this.

Taking Care of the Reef: